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14 October 1964
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I am a passion motivated girl, who is also a little narcissistic. I don't believe it is a personality disorder, but then I wouldn't, would I? Back to the passion. My mother was Italian and my father Mexican. I do everything with a passion, especially live. I am driven by my desire for knowledge and experience. I am alive even when sometimes I wish I wasn't (at least as we know it). I have a super sensitive awareness that freaks me out sometimes and other times I love it and become taken over by it.

This journal will take me, and whoever takes the time or has the interest to read it, back to events that I would normally not process. I am so busy living in the moment, that I can miss somethings worth going back to revisit. Reading back even a few days gives me new insight into myself and my experiences. It also will help me chart my progression from here to where I want to be; and give me the opportunity to reflect on my actions and reactions.

This journal is also a place where I will express my complete happiness with my new found and ever growing confidence; that's now mixed with my complete utter fear and doubt. Hey, at least now it's a nice blend.

Oh and also my own accounting of a relationship with a guy who seems to love me like nobody ever has. I guess I'll see about that.